Can I buy ticket on the spot?
Yes, we have a limited number of tickets every time. You can buy it at the gates from 19:00.

When does the screening start?
Screening starts only after the sun goes down and it’s getting dark. This time changes every day, so there is no exact time for the start (between 20:30 and 21:15).

When should I arrive, if I have a presale ticket?
Anytime after 19:00. Please note that there are no seat reservation, so arrive as early as possible.

I can’t go to the screening, but already have a ticket. Can I get a refund?
If the screening was postponed or cancelled, yes. In this case please, write an e-mail to info@oneticket.hu with your order number. We only can refund the ticket, if we get this mail before the new event. If there was no change in the program, try to sell it (use our Facebook event).

Can i return the ticket?
Yes, in case of program changing. You have to write an email to info@oneticket.hu with an order number. If there wasn’t any program change you can sell it in the program facebook event, maybe there will be someone who is interested in it. If we make program changing please ask for the refund before the new event.

Can I get in if I am under 18?
Yes, if there’s no age limit in the event description OR you have a parental permission.

Do you accept card?
At the entry no, but you can pay with card for the drinks (and hopefully also for the foods in a few weeks).

Can I bring my dog with me?
Yes, even a kitten, but be prepared not to be the only one who comes with their pet.
What am I supposed to do if I have left my valuables during the screening?
Write a message to info@corvinclub.hu or give them a call. Contact number is at http://corvinclub.hu/index.php/hu/kontakt.

Where can I find the list of events?
The published events are available on the https://www.facebook.com/pg/budapestrooftopcinema/events page, and here on this homepage. We are trying to update this as frequent, as possible, that’s all we can say.
I bought my tickets in advance. Can I expect a faster entry?
You should expect some waiting either way, but with a pre-sale ticket we guarantee, that you can participate on the event. Take care though when choosing the row: with pre-sold ticket you should choose the line to the left, (facing the entrance) while tickets on-site are sold to the right.
I bought the ticket, but I didn’t received it in mail. What can I do?
You should have received a confirmation mail from Barion, on which you should see a code in “ORDER-123456” format. You can get in to the event with that. If you haven’t received such, please contact OneTicket at the mail address info@oneticket.hu

If I leave the rooftop, can I go back?
No, the tickets entitle you to one-off and immediate entry.

Is food available on the roof?
Of course, since there is no cinema without popcorn and nachos. But you can also get hot dog.

Can I smoke?
Though open-air venues, smoke can ruin others fun. That is why, during the screenings, you can only smoke at the designated area.